Sep 122011

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One of the favorites to win this season, all New England Patriots, visiting head of the way to their division rivals, Miami Dolphins game week Monday Night Football. The Patriots even better in the summer, and that after a season in which they won 14 games. But they made a few big names to help the club immediately and in the long run, and they want to win the division, conference and name, yet all is said and done with.
The Patriots, of course, led by defender Tom Brady. Last season, after getting rid of Randy Moss Club, Brady left branch of the small of his wide outs, as Wes Welker and Deion and rotating team of talented tight ends. This year there is another goal in the form of Chad Ochocinco. She led him to trade with the Bengals and did not pay too much for him, and he should give Brady a real threat, and the player deep in the big game.

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On defense The Patriots also attracted another big name. They made another trade, where they are not so many things, and in turn, received 100 million U.S. dollars, ex-husband, Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth seems to be considered, and play hard and work hard, and if so, it will be another great season. But in the past, it was either hit or miss in a very important Haynesworth may never be too sure.

Dolphins in some transition period. Tony Sparano the head coach of been saved, but not before the team tried very publicly, Jim Harbaugh Wu. Chad Henne is the starting quarterback spot, but the team is trying, Kyle Orton Broncos trade. Wildcat running backs in the past, no, but Reggie Bush is taking place. Brandon Marshall a big game wide receiver, but needs a better presence and the defender should have the ball more consistently.

With all that said, the Patriots were 7-point favorite sinnigerweise on the road. More / less than a week fight between patriots and dolphins 45.5 points. You can certainly expect the Patriots to win this match, and most will choose to win the game, and then point in the distribution.

Want to win a Super Bowl, and they want to build momentum early, and they are not one of those teams, the task should be taken seriously, or ignore the enemy. Brady and company with its new import, all they have to light up, and the Patriots should win the jackpot on Monday night. Dolphins can see some improvement in 2011, if Henne can improve and lead the club, but they will not do the job against New England in week 1