Sep 242011

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Sep 142011

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Russia vs USA Live Streaming Rugby World Cup 2011

Russia rugby fans around the world believe this investment is looking as actually, is the country most likely to win in his first World Championship Rugby. In the end, the victory of Russia was registered in this light before, but in 1988, with 31 points in 16 wins in Moscow.

Since then, the United States three matches, although the level has reduced the victory at every opportunity.

In addition to the traditional rivalry between the two countries are too numerous, beyond the field of sports, the coach, Nikolai Nerush and his men will know that this is a real opportunity to win here.
In a strong group, the United States withdrew from his campaign to defeat Ireland in 10.22 New Plymouth. Although the margin of victory was comfortable in the end there were signs of optimism that Russia will be put to the test on one side rough and experienced, many of whom play their rugby at the high-flying via Europe.

United States is trying their opening match came courtesy of Paul Emerich versatile back, but generally agreed that their greatest threat against the Russian in the form of winger Takudzwa Ngwenya who currently plays for Biarritz in France ahead.

Ngwenya was born in Zimbabwe but moved to the U.S. for almost ten years ago. This is an exciting and dangerous man on the wing and how it behaved pretty much against the Irish, you can leave your mark in the opposition they perceive as inferior to enjoy.

Like most of his teammates Ngwenya has experience in the World Cup, the big test against South Africa in 2007, includes. This factor may also be against the Russian who seems to be working on their first tournament, but it’s certainly not something to hunt for ghosts Nerush.

Russia, in turn, can not keep their opponents in terms of experience and they do not have a team that usually compete at the highest level of club rugby. In a game like this is so, then they will be heavily on players such as Northampton is Vasily Artemiev, sale Ostrikov Andrew and Adam Byrnes Rebel Melbourne.

Outside Russia, most of the rugby-playing world focused on Russia’s participation in the future with curiosity and secreted into the media, Vyacheslav Grachev.

38-year-old striker is the oldest player in this World Cup and one of the oldest of all time. It is also one of the most successful players in Russia, with 14 international studies in his career.

Far from being a minor, however, the Russian national team in rugby is to make his mark, but they recognize that the defeat of the United States, it is doomed to a long tournament against some opposition truly world class.