Mar 242011

Watch India vs Australia live Streaming online

India Vs Australia a final match, before the actual final. Today might be last worldcup match for Sachin Tendulkar, it can be divert to Ponting. But it is sure that this is the last world cup for Sachin.  Sardar Patel Stadium is ready to host this very important match.This worldcup is not going well for Australian captain Ricky Ponting. HE became talk of the topic during the world cup for various reasons such as, poor performance, Broke the TV and so on.But main thing luck.May be luck is not fovring him.Now it is clear that at the end of the world cup carrier Tendulkar is playing as a young boy and he is in the form where Ponting is out of the form.Last two years Tendulkar did 16 centuries and two in this world cup. On the other hand it is hardly to remember Ponting’s last century. Now there are too many challenges for Ponting like Play for him, play for team then stop the fire of Tendulkar.India is looking forward to win todays match.And Whole world is looking for Tendulkar’s 100’s century in international cricket.It will be pretty difficult for India to win the match with poor bowling lineup. India’s batting line up is much much better than Australia. Australia can face problem with their poor midle order. Now it is the time to watch the match and wait for the result.

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