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And then there were two. The final game in the Confederations Cup on Sunday comes down to Spain, the best team in the world, against Brazil, the best in history, in the Maracanã, unquestionably one of the most evocative soccer stadiums on earth.Even if we separate the sport from the uprising in the streets, this World Cup rehearsal has been a tough tournament. And, as host nations invariably do in modern times, Brazil has made sure its most feared opponent took the longest and most tortuous road to the final.

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Brazil vs. Spain match ‘entire world wanted’. The Confederations Cup has the final nearly everyone wanted: a long-awaited matchup between world champion Spain and host Brazil.It will be the first meeting between the nations since 1999 and their first competitive match since Brazil’s 1-0 win on Socrates’ goal in the first round of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

“It’s the match everyone wanted to happen,” Brazilian striker Neymar said. “The entire world wanted it, and everybody will be watching it.”

Brazil, which has won the last two Confederation Cups, hopes a victory will help it regain status as a global power after recent struggles, while Spain wants to show that not even the five-time world champions can put a dent in its supremacy.

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